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A friend and colleague recommended Julia to me in 1999 during a flare up of my Crohn's disease. I have continued to be a patient ever since and over the last 15 years Julia has treated me for many things. In 2007 Julia provided treatment throughout my pregnancy and up to the final stages of (drug free) premature labour. Julia's treatment and support, for both my husband and I, especially in those latter stages of such an emotional journey will never be forgotten.
Over the years Julia has also treated my husband, brother and son using an array of acupuncture technics for various conditions. I personally will always attribute Julia's treatment to be the predominant factor in my extended period of remission from Crohn's disease. Julia is both a trusted friend and therapist and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking an alternative therapy.

Haley Creasey

I consider myself very fortunate to have found Julia's Acupuncture Practice 2 years ago, when I decided to try acupuncture for back problems. After a few treatments the problems were solved.
By this time I was fascinated by the effects of acupuncture and felt it was really doing me good, so decided to continue with treatment.
We then started working on my energy levels which were pretty low at that time. In addition to acupuncture, Julia gives very good advice on lifestyle. Because of her recommendation, I cut out refined sugar from my diet and lost one and a half stones without a huge effort of will. My energy levels certainly increased and I've tackled many longstanding DIY jobs and even managed to move two tons of chippy stones in the garden.
Along the way, a sprained ankle and chest infection have been successfully treated too.
Recently, because of very challenging family circumstances, I was spiralling down into the depths of depression yet again. However, with Julia's treatment, I am now coping very well with these ongoing challenges.
Since I have every confidence in Julia's ability, each treatment is a very relaxing and worthwhile experience. For me, acupuncture is not a luxury; it is a necessary part of my well being. I just feel so much better, all round, for having regular treatments.

Jean Osborne

My aches and pains in ankles, knees, hips and lower back disappear and my energy levels are given a very good boost too! It is 45 minutes or so of relaxation in a busy schedule. She keeps up to date with modern acupuncture techniques and has recently returned from a trip to China to experience these new techniques first hand. I cannot recommend Julia highly enough

Christopher Spencer

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