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Day 5 Qi in the Park and a trip to the Laundry

Having had beer last night and getting home late, it made sense to get up early having had a poor nights sleep to do Qi Gong in the park. Hence my reference in the title( not a chinese version of a drunken music festival held in Scotland every year).

We left early and went to a park near by with a lake and lovely view of a hill with a pagoda on the top of it. The park was full of people, mostly  octogenarian, doing their daily practices.

Picture walking through a park with different secluded but public areas with various groups of friends or individuals going through their daily practices. If you want to enjoy good health all I say is follow their example, eat less and do Tai Qi or Qi Gong, these people are remarkable.

Others had badminton rackets playing keepy uppy in groups, some octogenarian men were keeping football keepy uppy with a shuttle cock, astounding. There was no competition, just gentle movement subtle exercise improving vitality and flexibility. Others were going through a cracking fan routine, they were doing Tai qi type moves and cracking their fans out at the end of some of the moves, these old ladies had a cassette player with traditional music on in the back ground. There was a small pagoda with a man on it going through his sword routine, I think he would be arrested in the UK. Danny our lovely group leader showed us a routine which we would like to do every morning.  This aspect of things I intend to continue and practice at home....look out Tyninghame beach. Lily the dog will just have to wait for me.  

The hospital remains a culture shock for me, it is so different I don't know where to begin....

Putting photos on my blog also remains a mystery, I put some on but notice they have been blocked, so wonder if I shouldn't try any more. 

Just had a coffee at Starbucks, pathetic I know.

Chop sticks are now second nature and I love the tea we are getting. Food continues to be good, but we won't be eating in the restaurant next door where a goat was slaughtered yesterday, the head is still there on the street. Fresh though...There is also a very smelly fruit thing for sale, it smells completely rotten but seems to go down well with the locals. 

Took my washing to a  Chinese laundry today, was dismayed when they shook out the contents in front of everyone, must remember to take clean pants to the laundry next time...oh the shame of it...

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Yi Er San and the arrival of qi

Today we spent time with Dr Dehui Fan who is an expert in spinal manipulation and acupuncture, (who incidentally is the very same person who manipulated my shoulder, more of that later when I manage to get the video). He has practised all his life and started to learn tui na (manipulation) from his Grand Father when he was 5 years old.  He is now clearly a master at what he does and is highly sort after as a physician. In many ways we are honoured to be given as much time as we have had with him. Although he works with his hands and can diagnose disc herniation and compression etc with his hands, the hospital also uses MRI scans to corroborate diagnosis and to ensure he is working correctly.  Many of these patient will be in-patients and will be treated daily to realign the spine to relieve nerve pressure.  Although this is not something that we are learning to do it has made me think about using osteopathic manipulation and acupuncture in conjunction, as these patients will also receive acupuncture and moxabustion to alleviate pain and to remove stagnation and nourish qi, all of which we all do in our clinics. However alongside this we are learning and observing techniques that are not really found in general practice in the UK. Flying needles being one.....its all in the name.....don't worry I won't be doing this at home unless I am at a party( only joking). The other being fire needling...again it is all in the name...

We have walked through the central park and are out to take tea tonight.  I also need to think about a laundry, but thats not really very exciting but goes to show that life continues to have it's mundane aspects.

It is still around the 30c mark plus and continues to be quite humid. Hence the need for a laundry....

No onesies spotted but I have enjoyed the comments regrading the UK onesie phenomena. 

Still working out how to get photos on this site, most frustrated by technology..

Laters J

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Day 3 The Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Hospital

Today was our first day in the wards of the hospital, we have been warmly welcomed by our hosts and started to get a feel for how the hospital works. It is very different from our own experience in the UK, it has over 300 hundred beds and both in patients and out patients. It is exceptionally busy, and the Drs and professors here specialise in their own field. They run research programmes and are very effective at what they do. Some patients have very similar complaints to those I see in the treatment room, while others are at the more chronic and severe end of ill-health.  for example there is a ward specialising in stroke recovery, and Drs who specialise in the treatment of tumours. The first thing I noticed was the amount of treatment a patient will receive on one visit. Often with manipulations called Tui Na, but is very much like high level and skilled osteopathic manipulations, followed by acupuncture, sometimes with electro acupuncture or with cupping or laser or heat treatments. these Drs are not frightened of resetting misaligned vertebrae, or given traction type treatments to compressed vertebrae. this level of intervention will be done by Doctors with years of experience.

I have had an extraordinary experience myself with the Tui Na specialist. Suffice to say there was a very loud cracking sound from my shoulder joint, after which I thought my arm would drop off, it felt so heavy and fatigued.  I am to give it two days and will report back on whether this has worked to fix my joint.  In the process the Chinese Doctors and interns were treated to an expletive they had not heard before!!

."nothing ventured nothing gained"....was one of my thoughts ........."No pain no gain"...was the other.

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