Most acupuncture Practitioners receive calls from patients who are trying to lose weight. There is plenty that acupuncture can do to help and as with all acupuncture patients, the first step is to try and redress any underlying energetic imbalance. This does not mean, however, that a person who is eating more than their calorific requirement, will lose weight. In other words it would be impossible to help with weight loss if a patient cannot alter their eating habits.

What acupuncture can do is help with any underlying reason for weight gain. For example, fatigue will often lead to a person seeking out quick fix lifts in energy. Almost inevitably this will be through hidden sugars, through highly refined food, confectionery and soft drinks. By tackling the fatigue this cycle can be broken, and the reliance on the wrong calories will shift.

Other reasons for weight gain might include pain or physical discomfort. For example, someone who has suffered an injury or who has a long term health issue like arthritis, sciatica, knee pain etc, will be less active. By tackling the pain and addressing any other underlying issues, an individual will be able to be more active. This alongside dietary change will result in weight loss.

The best way to help weight loss with acupuncture is to get to the root of the problem, by addressing these we are enabling lifestyle changes to happen. Tackled this way it will have a domino effect in a positive way.  The more energy you have, or the less pain you have, or the more you feel better in yourself, the more you will get on top of dietary issues.