Spring and Liver Energy

In Chinese Acupuncture, the organs said to be associated with the spring are the liver and gall bladder. In Five Element acupuncture, people with an inherent imbalance in their liver and gall bladder energy are described as Wood types. To get an idea of a wood type of person you need to take a look at the function of wood. Good wood allows strength alongside flexibility. Trees are powerful in their ability to stand firm against adversity and the ability to grow and push out. If this energy is out of kilter in you, there will be a tendency to inflexibility in body mind and/ or spirit. This inevitably leads to tension, again in body, mind and/ or spirit. So we may experience stuck conditions or become inflexible in our thinking. We may be a little moody, even come across as angry or overly forthright. Equally we may feel frustrated or thwarted. 

Wood is associated with the spring because of the powerful energy needed at this time of year, the push required to grow and allow new growth. The sort of ailments usually( but not exclusively) associated with wood are headaches, pmt, depression, liver intolerances, anger, sciatica, poor decision making, mood swings. 

The main way to maintain good wood health ( and therefore good health of liver and gall bladder) are as follows:

Exercise is key, by walking, running, swimming, cycling or any means to raise overall heart rate and cardio rate. Movement prevents stagnation, stagnation is damaging to wood energy.

Avoid alcohol, drugs, caffeine, e-numbers, to much spice, too much fatty food, sugar, dairy

Food to eat specifically for liver and gall bladder health and wood energy:

Cooling food, fruits wood be banana, rhubarb, water melon, lemons