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Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

I now have my formal invitation to study Traditional Acupuncture at the Guangdong Second Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. I will be in Guangdong from the 11th to 28th October 2013

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Late Summer

Late summer in Chinese Medicine relates to the time of year between full summer and Autumn.  Energy is said to be in balance at this time of year, the upward energy of spring and summer has slowed and stilled but the downward energy of Autumn had not yet begun.

It tends to be a humid time of year, a combination of warmth and wet.  This helps bring our harvest to full fruition, the final plumping up before the picking!

Some of us do not react so well to this time of year.  This would be described generally as having an underlying "damp" problem.  If you ae someone who suffers from sinusitits, or swollen joints or heavy lethargic limbs, these are all examples of damp issues.  You may just find this time of year fatiguing or notice that a condition you usually cope with is wose at this time. Things that you can do to cope with damp humid conditions:

Avoid damp forming food; this would be any food that slows up or clogggs up the digestion.  Avoid saturated fats from things like cheese, dairy products, fatty foods, red meats, fried food, crisps.  Don't eat too much raw or cold food, ices, fridge cold drinks.

Eat plenty of clean food, freshly prepared especially steamed foods and warm or room temperature drinks.

In short, eat healthy, clean and fresh foods.  Foods that are easy to digest.  Late summer is the season for the stomach, it is the season for paying special attention to our eating habits and avoiding tradtionally unhealthy foods.

Eat the earths bounty, with pleasure and company. 

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New East Linton Clinic

On Thursday 11th August 2011 I will be starting a new acupuncture clinic in East Linton.  I will be working on Thursday afternnoons from 3.00pm until 7.00pm at
McKenzies Massage
6 The Square,
East Linton

Appointments can be made by phoning 01620 861336
Alternatively call me on 07970129478 or email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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I personally will always attribute Julia's treatment to be the predominant factor in my extended period of remission from Crohn's disease. Julia is both a trusted friend and therapist and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking an alternative therapy.

Haley Creasey

My aches and pains in ankles, knees, hips and lower back disappear and my energy levels are given a very good boost too! It is 45 minutes or so of relaxation in a busy schedule. She keeps up to date with modern acupuncture techniques and has recently returned from a trip to China to experience these new techniques first hand. I cannot recommend Julia highly enough

Christopher Spencer

I consider myself very fortunate to have found Julia's Acupuncture Practice 2 years ago, when I decided to try acupuncture for back problems. After a few treatments the problems were solved. Since I have every confidence in Julia's ability, each treatment is a very relaxing and worthwhile experience.

Jean Osborne

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